We are a small team of makers who love the process of making and installing shoji and Japanese interiors. We installed our first shoji more than 15 years ago and hope to be making them for many more years to come.

The Shoji team:

Andrew Juniper – Lived in Japan for several years and on returning to the UK started the Wabi Sabi Design company. He worked with a Japanese woodworker for three¬† years learning the method and philosophy and enjoys nothing more than tinkering with Japanese hand tools. Andrew is author of the book “Wabi Sabi – The Japanese art of impermanence”

Kuniko Juniper – A designer from Tokyo, met husband Andrew when he was running expeditions in Africa and lured him to Japan before settling in the UK. Kuniko designs all the Japanese interiors, furniture and shoji made at Wabi Sabi Design Ltd

Ivan Cardwell – After graduating from Chichester College Furniture with a distinction, Ivan joined the team at Wabi Sabi and has now been making furniture and shoji for more than 7 years.¬† Ivan has a passion for the Art’s and Crafts movement and the making of woodwork that has integrity,which he also shares with the students he teaches in evening classes.