Shoji lamp

A lamp made using dark wood and shoji paper.

Shoji style doors in a Kitchen


Sandblasted glass and timboo are used to give the kitchen a contemporary Japanese feel

Shoji in cherry


Shoji in the Barbican centre made from solid cherry

Japanese olympic team room


Installation of dividing screens, tatami mats and tables for the Japanese Olympic team 2012

Shoji on the ceiling

Shoji put into a Japanese garden to diffuse the light and obscure the glass roof

Yukimi shoji

A screen that can be opened from the bottom to “see snow” The doors are held in place using Japanese steel springs that provide the necessary tension.

Grand designs shoji

This set of contemporary shoji were installed as part of a Japanese room in the Grand Design Monmouthshire project 2013

Bamboo shoji

Run of shoji made using bamboo panels. We offer a full range of shoji made with bamboo.

Shoji cabinet

Shoji cabinet supplied with desk for a reception area – all made from American walnut

Shoji in Windmill Farm

Set of small cedar shoji mounted on metal tracks inlaid into the cabinet top.

Shoji from Henry Lucas


Walnut window shoji used to diffuse the light from the window