• In Japan rooms are designed with the standard size of tatami mats in mind and room areas are usually measured in mats.
  • In the UK rooms are usually a different size to standard mats and so there are a few options for fitting mats. They can be ordered to size so that the maximum surface area is covered and we can supply a free design layout to show the best use of your space.
  • Wood trim is often used around the mats to give a border, to fix its position and also to allow for obstacles such as radiators, alcoves and other quirks of British architecture.
  • You can have a standard size mat layout with a standard surround and then this can be placed anywhere in a room as a tatami platform and these can be ordered in sets.
  • We offer a delivery and installation service for mats and often install the mats and put in the wooden trim.
  • In order to provide the best advice it is helpful if you can send us reasonably accurate measurements of the room and photos/ a floorplan of the room(s) showing doors and potential obstacles.

How to order tatami